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The road block, the banana tree and the sugar cane

My time in Uganda is over and I’m back in Cape Town serving with All Nations! More about that soon. Of all the experiences I’ve had over the last 5 months, the most unique… and entertaining day was when we baptised people we had been journeying with in the community. What a privilege! Yes, it […]

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Chicken Wars – Part Two 

We’re now into Week 4. We’re immersed into life here in Uganda, met some lovely people, – read the All Nations blog entries here – and.. the feud continues with the neighbour’s chicken. I’d spent time forgiving the chicken for stealing our precious tomatoes. Peace reigned, until the next morning… After spending several hours painstakingly hand-washing my […]

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Week 1: Chicken Wars 

We have been in Uganda for just over a week, although it feels like a lot longer! There’s lots I could write about, and for an insight into our first week in Uganda, check out what I wrote for the All Nations blog here. For now, I’ve just picked two encounters from this week that made […]

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